- None recorded

- HOUSD - Hmm... wonder what Cubert has done to make it to the billboard? 07-07-2004
- Penny Arcade - Strange creatures indeed walk the streets of the station… one with a familiar shirt! 06-09-2004

Zap! cameos/references can be found in:
- Indavo - Gauron T is obviously referring to Zap and Reona! 11-08-2004
- Indavo - Zap & Reona are part of the busy dailyday that is the way of a spaceport! 24-11-2004
- Melonpool - Obviously Lord Fauntleroy has managed to capture and enslave a Quadrillion! 24-03-2005
- HOUSD - Hehehe... yes, don't pick up the Zap-style unless you got a discount on hairgel! 16-07-2005
- Mad About U - Both Zap and Reona have taken time off to go to the Doomsday Ball Championship! 08-12-2006
- Life Like Weeds - Zap is being approached in the middle of a Miami-street... the Fashion Police? 03-01-2007
- A Skewed Paradise - Grontar left a signed photo after his visit... with love! 14-08-2009
- Spoofy Randomness - Zap himself is featured in the 10 year celebration strip at SR as a source of inspiration! 01-09-2019

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