Zebra Girl
Zebra Girl

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- Narbonic - The bar can't be all bad, Daven is drinking here after all... okay, that doesn't say much! 20-12-2002
- The Wotch - Anne the Wotch is among the many magic-users visting Magi-Net! 21-02-2003
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress is off course part of the Magi-Net because she's really really smart! 21-02-2003
- Clan of the Cats - After the disaster with the Magi-net, Chelsea might be one of those who escaped! 18-07-2003
- The Wotch - Oh yes, there's been a monster party or two in Tandy Gardens over time... and in time to come! 23-02-2018
- El Goonish Shive - You can definitely say there have been couple of monster parties in Moperville... great parties! 23-02-2018

Zebra Girl cameos/references can be found in:
- S.S.D.D - Sandra is being immortalized in a picture on the wall!! 16-10-2000
- Sluggy - It should have been the adventures of Mole, but he was run over by a car! 08-07-2001
- Framed - It looks like the sweater says Zebra Girl in the third panel! 09-02-2001
- Nerdz - President Nixon and... Zebra Girl? Well, a kind of Zebra Girl anyway! 12-02-2001
- Slapdash - Reading Zebra Girl is NOT a waste of time... and it IS productive reading! 05-05-2001
- Sandwich World - Professor Broadshoulders is called in to deal with a demon infestation! 25-04-2002
- DeViations - Sandra is gated in to kick some ass for a villain that may be more than he seems! 20-04-2003
- The Wotch - Sandra uses the transforming confusion to come out in public! 18-09-2003
- Emergency Exit - Demons are for Halloween, so Saya has chosen to disguise herself as... Sandra! Archived locally31-10-2003
- Golden Age of Adventurers - On special exhibition in the bookstore is grinning, demonic Tomie! 22-04-2004
- Framed - Isn't it Tomie we can spot in the great pile of Interesting Things! 23-07-2004
- The Whiteboard - Sandra keeps a little to the background among the guests! 20-10-2004
- Super Chibi Death Bots - Little Kittybot goes demonic as Sandra in her chosen outfit for Halloween! 01-11-2004
- Thatguy - The Inkognito Devil taking a form akin to the Zebra Girl, brings fiery results for Thatguy! 02-03-2005
- The Wotch - Hooded and cloaked, Sandra is first in line for the movie! 03-06-2005
- The Wotch - Goth Crystal is out in town, having a dancing blast of a time at the Black Rose dance club! 06-07-2005
- The Green Avenger - WHAT? Harold DuVase was one of her former victims? 21-10-2005
- The Whiteboard - As a demon, Sandra makes a mighty fine costume for Halloween! 25-10-2005
- Awfully Generic - At the counter there's a small almost unrecognizeable poster for the Zebra Girl game! 31-10-2005
- General Protection Fault - Looks like Nick's arrival in Zebra Girl gave... magical results! Gueststrip16-11-2005
- The Wotch - And thus the existence of the Magi-Net is confirmed in the Wotch! 02-12-2005
- Awfully Generic - Yes, the Zebra will burn you... but reading up on zoology would probably confuse you! 19-01-2006
- Charby the Vampirate - Jack has managed to sneak in unnoticed among Demons and Vampires! 20-10-2006
- Charby the Vampirate - At a place where Demons and Devils party, Sandra finally seems to fit in! 24-10-2006
- Floyd & Mike - Floyd has just returned from over at Zebra Girl where he did a guest strip! 18-03-2007
- CameoComic - Yes, the Magi-Net is a nifty idea originating at Zebra Girl... and is no more! 10-05-2007
- Evil Overlords United - The demonic forces of Zebra Girl is worth watching, and so does the Editor! 11-07-2007
- True Magic - Zombified Crystal is brought forth to partake in whatever schemes Gauth has in mind! 22-01-2008
- The Wotch - One of the ways to learn about the Wotch, is the Maginet where Jack also needs help! 22-04-2008
- Mindmistress - How can MM possibly ignore magic when Sandra too is part of her world? 04-08-2008
- Mindmistress - Through time and the astral plane MM flows until she meets Jack in the Magi-Net! 22-08-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Yep, Zebra Girl's enemy Tool is also in the employ of the Smiling Man! 30-09-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Zebra Girl has shown up to be among the heroes in the front page "mourning" scene! 11-08-2009
- The Whiteboard - A mug of beer with an umbrella in it, Jack MAY be enjoying Doc's Halloween party! 31-10-2011
- The Wotch - Jack sports a pose as he and crystal look up to gauge the source of the interdimensional storm! 20-02-2012
- Angels & Aliens - The sixth panel shows Sandra on the wall and a use of the Zebra Girl drawing style! 01-04-2012
- The Sword Interval - Jen is hanging out at the bar in the Wild Hunt, cloaked and resting with a cold beer! 15-06-2016
- The Whiteboard - At the Halloween party we spot Black Betty hanging out with the other guests! 31-10-2016
- Raven's Dojo - It's time... for Zandra and friends to make a full epic appearance! MA content warning!15-10-2019
- Shades of Grey - Among the horde of... people, we find Sandra! Chapter Three, Part One, Page 126
- Mindmistress - The hideous statue hides the heart of a true word-saving prophecy! Horrible Thoughts P. 18
- Mindmistress - A very interesting description of Sandra, travelling dimensions for destiny! Horrible Thoughts P. 28
- Modified Rapture - Outside the window we see a Centaur Zebra Girl flying past! #7
- Tales From The Crossroads - The reality-changing wave changes Zonker into Sandra! Chapter 2, page 6

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Green Avenger - Abby takes us on a tour of where Harold Duvase is... and does not want to be! Gueststrip24-06-2005

Joe England cameos/references:
- Sandwich World - The reason for Joe's disappearence is that he is kidnapped by cartoonist-nappers! 20-08-2001
- Framed - A captive Joe England escapes and managed to set a Cartoonist Stampede in motion! Gueststrip22-08-2001
- El Goonish Shive - Joe's bunny avatar appears to offer a guest strip! 19-07-2004

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