Zombie Roomie
Zombie Roomie

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- PvP Online - Reporting the astonishing wishes of Firefly fans come true is none other than Miranda at TMI-News! 21-07-2010
- Kiwi Blitz - Kiwi Blitz looks to be the Summer Blockbuster here, just look at the posters! 02-03-2011
- Woody After Hours - Sorry George, John is mastering the remote and he wants to see Woody After Hours tonight! 04-03-2011
- The Ouro Bros - Buffy managed to keep one item of clothing clean so she could clean laundry... her Ouro Bros shirt! 18-03-2011
- Woody After Hours - To convince Hunter to fight they are calling up George's appearance in Woody After Hours as evidence! 15-08-2011
- Woody After Hours - Somebody likes the Woody After Hours Show enough to keep a seasonal subscription for it! 26-08-2011
- d20monkey - So John has tried dating Mel in the past? Interesting...! 05-09-2011
- PvP Online - Looks like John is ready to hand out Halloween cameo dressed as Skull... nice costume! 31-10-2011
- The Ouro Bros - The tour of the Ouro Bros has been past this bar and left a poster on the wall! 04-01-2013
- The Ouro Bros - 2 years later and the Ouro Bros Tour Poster is still on the wall of the bar! 13-05-2015
- Dumbing of Age - Looks like Zoey has been visiting the Museum Gift Shop and gotten Dina's trademark hat! 06-10-2015
- Cyanide and Happiness - No stick-comics are quite like Cyanide & Happiness, even prehistoric ones! 30-05-2018
- xkcd - Well, you dont have to be bright to understand xkcd, but you will grab more of the mathematical parts! 30-05-2018

Zombie Roomie cameos/references can be found in:
- d20monkey - Looks like Brett has decided to wear his Zombie Roomie Shirt for today's occasion! 22-11-2010
- Woody After Hours - George and John visit the show to do a very special cooking episode with Woody! 22-12-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Least I Could Do - SO it was Old Man McLar who was behind all the shenanigans? Shoinks! 28-05-2010
- PvP Online - Scott Kurtz does it as a classic Bond villain... who should perhaps have thought George through! 09-06-2010
- Least I Could Do - That run-over Hobo looks remarkable familiar... hey! It's Lar the Tramp! 07-09-2010
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Zombie Joel gets the unfunny joke... and will still be ripped to shreds! 24-07-2012

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