Zorphbert & Fred
Zorphbert & Fred

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- Gary and Ted - When looking out the window and seeing your dog's talk to Gary, its time to quit coffee! 13-07-2007
- Dan the Man - Dan should have thought better about kicing at "Impy"... even if it WAS a ball! 24-08-2007
- Chad the Fat Kid - Who knew that a board of executives can look and sound just like Chad and friends? 28-09-2007
- It's Hard Out There For A Gwen - Gwen has been sneaking off to be picked up by two aliens and a hobo! 26-10-2007
- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - Visiting Ronson to learn about Gods might be an idea, just be... carefull with his beer! 23-11-2007
- The Superfogeys - Well, retired action-men, even the Superfogeys, tend to be a little less mobile...! 27-12-2007
- Slim Red Ninja - Slim Red Ninja kung-fu makes a mutha-fucking movie that inspires even aliens! 01-02-2008
- Dan the Man - One of the imps have slipped to the movies... now, if those in front would just sit down! 01-02-2008
- Company Man - Yeah, the apple is not far from the tree, and I guess Ron figures it from Old Bob! 14-03-2008
- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - A Basketgame between Gods actually looks okay... until the Mallet comes into play! 05-05-2008
- Beaver & Steve - Well, Beaver & Steve are not fooling anyone... because Z&F have already done that trick! 27-05-2008
- Untold Tales of Clerks - Yeah, two persons going away at it like that... thats not familiar at all!?! 27-06-2008
- Zombies Are People Too - Zombies may be people... but its not like Dr. Phil will miss that brain anyway! 01-08-2008
- Raw Fish - And to present the wonders of Japan on the Travel Channel we got our resident American! 12-09-2008
- Morning Squirtz - Would YOU drink a bottle of Morning Squirtz? Even if it IS Slimredninja approved? 06-02-2009
- Life's a Witch - Looking into the kid's house, Z&F realizes that weirdness is... normal in Zelda's household! 04-08-2009
- Adrastus - When Sarah finally meets aliens, they are not all what she expected! Gueststrip28-09-2011

Zorphbert & Fred cameos/references can be found in:
- Life & Death - Both Zorphbert and Fred have tuned into Steve's dream to be at the 400th strip! 12-08-2007
- Antcomics - As if understanding Humans wasn't bad enough... understanding the ANTS is impossible! 21-09-2007
- Antcomics - Oh yes, you can say that Zorphbert & Fred are experienced with costumes...! 19-11-2007
- Frank and Vinny - Zorphbert seems to be against cameocomic strips... on principle! 20-11-2007
- Pugnuggle Tales - Zorphbert & Fred has both shown up to take notes on the happenings at the party! 09-12-2007
- Antcomics - Off course Zorphbert and Fred has come around to make a not of Antcomics 100 strips! 28-07-2008
- Times Like This - One of the webcomics Cassie seems to enjoy often, is the one of Zorphbert & Fred! 21-11-2008
- Grin-N-Spirit - Wonder if any changes made means something to Fred? Think not...! 24-09-2009
- Life & Death - Both Zorphbert and Fred are out at the seaborne 900 strip party to gather information! 06-01-2011
- Woody After Hours - An evaluation of WAH is given a whole new dimension when its given by alie... dogs! 18-11-2013
- Intelligent Life - Zorphbert & Freds take the Halloween opportunity to mingle with the natives unseen! 26-10-2014

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Second Wind - 2ndwnd shows up as one of the many readers D. Griffin wants to thank! 18-09-2007
- Like Fish in Water - Looks like we have Dracco represented as one of his fishies in this Thank-You-Readers mashup! 18-09-2007
- Slim Red Ninja - A sturdy penetrating shuriken locked in the wall is representing Slimredninja with thanks! 18-09-2007
- Dan the Man - When you have to graphically say "Thank You" to Z&F's readers, you cannot forget Dantheman! 18-09-2007
- Raw Fish? - Corey's avatar shows up in the gathering of people Z&F wants to thank for reading! 18-09-2007
- Tweebus - Looks closely and you will see Tweebus as one of the people Z&F thanks for reading! 18-09-2007
- Antcomics - In the back we spot Amy's Antsy character representing her in the Z&B "Thank You" comic! 18-09-2007
- Company Man - Frank supports the peeps... and Z&F as well which he is thanked for! 18-09-2007
- The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici - Spraypainting Rockster's logo on the wall and you know he is a X&F supporter! 18-09-2007
- Vindibudd - The poster on the wall represents Vindibudd in this "Thank You For Reading Z&F strip"! 18-09-2007
- Vibes And The OtherKinds - The "Thank You For Reading Z&F"-strip also includes a homage to Timlight! 18-09-2007
- Outland Angels - Reconjsh's puking avatar is totally confirmed in this "Thank You For Reading"-strip! 18-09-2007
- A Bit Cheesy - Fitz is hiding in the trash, but he is a valued reader of Z&F nonetheless! 18-09-2007
- Chad the Fat Kid - The "Readers Appreciation"-strip of Z&F off course includes Heymelby! 18-09-2007
- Super Star Galactica - A hand and an axe, thats what represents Nibbi in this celebrational strip! 18-09-2007
- The Superfogeys - Its a strip to celebrate the 100th X&F comic, and readers, including Brock, are invited in! 18-09-2007
- 2's A Company - The 100th strip of Z&F is dedicated to the readers, and Priest_Revan is among them! 18-09-2007
- Pugnuggle Tales - Harry himself is represented in the celebrational strip that honours 100 comics of Z&F! 18-09-2007
- The Unitary Authority of Ersatz - With a Panda on top, Ersatz is represented in the Z&F 100 strip comic! 18-09-2007
- Clench & Cheese - Z&F celebrates having reached 100 strip, and a representation of Carrollhach shows up! 18-09-2007
- Hello NANO - Good to have FAL in the 100th Z&F strip so he can point out the peeps! 18-09-2007
- Corrupt Hardware - CorruptComics are robotic represented in the 100th Z&F celebrational strip! 18-09-2007
- Basketcase Comix - The First Dude turns out to be a Basketcase... Jebus he is! 24-10-2008
- Grin-N-Spirit - Excellent caricature of Ghostrunner and his ghost-summoning pencil! 24-02-2009

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