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The Devon Legacy
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- The Prologue
- Used Books - Yuki shops for water and Fudo hangs out at the bar, keeping a low profile! 03-12-2007
- The Pirate Terminators - Looks like Tellori is out shopping, but who's doing the paying? 03-12-2007
- Mercs - Behind the desk we find Garret, hopefully giving back the right amount of change! 03-12-2007
- Due East - Deon Maye makes a good bartender, keeping an eye on the news while he works! 03-12-2007
- Convenient Hell - Sominous hangs out at the bar, getting a drink, watching the news! 03-12-2007
- Wintergreen - Jax has to get his mom to stop worrying... lying a little to do so! 03-12-2007
- Contemporary Eclipse - Along with everybody else, Crimson is trying to get to safety, out of the city! 08-12-2007
- Used Books - Carrying bags and other stuff, Mike is making a run to get out of the city under siege! 08-12-2007
- Due East - Brielle and Sapphira Hu have grabbed their mask and stuff and are making a run for it! 08-12-2007
- Wolf - Fleeing the shaking city, David, Zoe, and Zou Zou are in for a ride for the next couple of strips! 08-12-2007
- Dreams of 1337ness - Maniac is suddenly in danger of being hit by falling debris! 12-12-2007
- Morphic - Nicodemuns runs to get away from the buildings going to pieces around them! 12-12-2007
- Used Books - The giant wave makes building shed debris, and Seiko runs for cover! 12-12-2007
- Stupidity is a Virtue - When things start falling to pieces around Spyke, he goes for safery and cover! 12-12-2007
- Contemporary Eclipse - In danger of being hit from falling debris, Obsidian tries to get out of the way! 12-12-2007
- NPC - When everything is coming down because of the floodwave, Chalice is running for cover! 12-12-2007
- MAG-ISA - As the wave comes in, things fall apart, and Eman and Claudita run for their lives! 13-12-2007
- Due East - Buildings fall apart as the city is flooded, and Lindsay is in the middle of it! 13-12-2007
- Salt the Holly - Before you get to see the movie, you get to enjoy the trailer for Salt the Holly the Movie! 29-01-2009
- NewGirl - Looks like our all favorite NewGirl has found a good seat and is ready to enjoy the movie! 29-01-2009
- Cricket's Creature - In the last part of the movie, both Cricket and Creature appears! 02-02-2009
- War of Winds - Ehranah just about get to make an appearance before the movie is over! 02-02-2009
- Rival Angels - Rival Angels Studios was behind the sound for this movie... what an earhanger! 02-02-2009
- Used Books - Used Books and Used Sounds, seems an interesting company behind the movie's soundtrack! 02-02-2009
- The Devon Legacy
- Used Books - Yuki arrives as part of the backup, ready to deal with any trouble! 25-07-2013
- The Ennaran Cycles - Bringing in The Necromancer as part of your backup is considered a good move! 25-07-2013
- Zelfia - Mayy arrives in showy fashion, ready to provide backup and deal with whatever is at hand! 25-07-2013
- Riddick Q Loss Tales - Sir Dimswith arrives along with the backup team to deal with the interference! 25-07-2013
- Due East - Brielle helps manning the controls, keeping an eye on the happenings! 20-08-2013
- Zach Mann and S.D. - Samantha Smith is busy working the controls and finding out how the Fathums got in! 20-08-2013
- The Mirror of Souls - Diosa has a job at the control center, running the various controlboards and looking for clues! 20-08-2013
- Character Battle - Randy manages to push Kieran Terrah aside, right before the attack! 22-08-2013
- Super Chibi Girl - Allison is ready to deal with the Fathum, opening a can of whoopass if need be! 22-08-2013
- The ILL - Inferno is all powered up and about to deal with the Fathum on almost equal terms! 22-08-2013
- Karabear Comics Unltd. - Eiderdown has arrived with the team to deal with the threat from the Fathum! 22-08-2013
- Data Chasers - Both Dolly and Ceci participate in the dastardly ambush on Randy! 03-09-2013
- Signifikat - You wouldn't expect it, but Sunhra is among the bad guys ambushing Randy! 03-09-2013
- Bad Vibes - Jocelyn is hard at work, training in the self-defence dojo! 27-11-2013
- Tales of the Unpredictable Chaos - Ben is relaxing in the dojo, waiting for the elder student's turn to train? 27-11-2013
- Comet Kid - Jax's father is attending the self-defence class... at least as a spectator! 27-11-2013
- Twenty Four Seven - Looks like Cassandra has come with Caitlin to her self-defence classes! 27-11-2013
- Parasite Galaxy - Celes is doing some serious training in the defence-classes she seems to be taking! 27-11-2013
- Used Books - Kaida is running along with the others in the background, towards the broken Feng! 03-02-2015
- Parasite Galaxy - Celes stand in line among the crowd waiting for the subway! 31-03-2015
- Planet Chaser - Among the crowd waiting for the train we spot Clarissa! 31-03-2015
- Twenty Four Seven - Both Katherine and Caitlin are waiting for the train, eager for a night out! 31-03-2015
- Birchwood High - There's a crowd waiting for the subway train, and one of them is Jayden! 31-03-2015
- Cursed - Mei has been caught up in the crowd waiting for the subway train! 31-03-2015
- Jamie Jupiter - None other than Jamie himself can be spotted waiting for the train among the crowd! 31-03-2015
- Death P*rn - Both Carmen and Angie seems to be caught up in the crowd that... gets shaken a bit! 02-04-2015
- Used Books - Yep, thats Jack Beaumont we see there, getting his world shaken up more than a bit! 02-04-2015
- Project GTH - Lucy thought it should be a nice evening... instead she gets an earthquake! 02-04-2015
- CameoComic - Scale is normally ready to rumble, but in this case she gets more than she bargained for! 02-04-2015
- Wintergreen - Both Jax and his dad is caught in the crowd when the earth starts to rumble! 02-04-2015
- Tales of the Unpredictable Chaos - Ben Wyndham gets to rock and roll when suddenly the earth starts to rumble! 02-04-2015
- Putrid Meat - Can't really say if Bones looks shocked or angry when suddenly the ground starts to shake! 02-04-2015
- Ice Pick - Danny really gets to feel the earth dance beneath his feet when the earthquake starts! 02-04-2015
- Karen's Edge - Caught in the earthquake, Karen Banks is about to be swept off her feet! 02-04-2015
- The Black Princess - Sareena Black and Misty Smid are both caught in the shake that rumbles the city! 02-04-2015
- Without Moonlight - Fotis has donned her mask and is gathering with the crowd in the damaged subway station! 07-04-2015
- Eternal Knights - After the earthquake, Kathryn and many others are caught at the bottom level of the subway station! 07-04-2015
- Due East - Both Doug and Brielle thought they should have a night out, instead they are massing in the subway station! 07-04-2015
- Luna Star - The people in the crowd, Galina among them, don their masks and gather after the earthquake! 07-04-2015
- Consolers - Looks like Nintendo has been forced to don his mask and look for a way out of the darkened subway station! 07-04-2015
- The Overture - A whole lot of people are cramped together in the bottom level of the subway station, Richard among them! 07-04-2015
- Breathers - Kat is one of the many people caught in the darkened subway station after the earthquake! 07-04-2015
- Wonder Team - A lot of people like Split and Proteam are also caught in the darkened subway station! 07-04-2015
- Hipster Picnic - Hawk and Steve must gather with the rest of the people caught after the earthquake! 07-04-2015
- Guardian Ghost - The lights might be out, but by flashlight you can spot Max among the crowd! 07-04-2015
- Bombshell - Aria Conti was so unlucky to be caught in the darkened subway station after the earthquake! 07-04-2015
- Taoman - A lot of people wearing mask are gathered in the darkened subway station, Mark among them! 07-04-2015
- Autumn Bay - Dr. James Deacon are listening solemly to the orders given to the gathered people! 07-04-2015
- Karmadelion - Ariel is lined up among the many people needing rescue after the earthquake! 09-04-2015
- Bruno Harm - There we have Bruno Harm standing in line to get out of the eartquake struck subway! 09-04-2015
- Demon Hunters - Without complaining Silent Jim is holding his spot in the line out of the darkness! 09-04-2015
- Awfully Decent Fellows - Colonel has been lined up with many other people to get out of the darkened subway station! 09-04-2015
- M9 Girls - In the line for rescue we spon none other than Clau! 09-04-2015
- Deliree - Both Nubia and Israel has been caught in the subway station and is now lined up to get out! 09-04-2015
- Used Books - Looks like Violet Verona survived the earthquake and is lined up to get up and out! 09-04-2015
- GROOVY, KINDA - People have lined up nicely to get out of the shattered subway station, and so has Lyssa! 09-04-2015
- West - There are a lot of people trapped after the earthquake, and Jed is one of them! 09-04-2015
- Elpp - Holding the line towards the exit we see Raub among the crowd! 09-04-2015
- Super Chibi Girl - A Humanized Allison Fe'oma is in line to get away from the broken subway station! 09-04-2015

The Devon Legacy cameos/references can be found in:
- Pinky TA - Guest starring as the agent in the last panel, we find none other than Sally! 12-12-2007
- Better Luck Next Time - Fenny stars as one of the most hardcore Computer Lab Attendants to date! 28-12-2007
- Due East - Sona and Jenny seems pretty surprised of what happened in the tennis court! 19-03-2008
- Salt the Holly - Fenny has obviously taken a job as a Salesgirl, selling the girls their dresses! 15-04-2008
- Far Out There - Hiding out among the many people assembled we just about spot Fenny Baker! 03-03-2009
- Far Out There - Airing her pink shirt at the convention, Sally seems to walk around peacefully! 10-03-2009
- Times Like This - The Devon Legacy can really be counted among the graphic-novel-ish webcomics! 22-04-2010
- Used Books - If you look very closely you'll notice Emella in the background! 17-03-2014

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Prologue
- Wolf - Key Grip of the movie was in the best hands... the hands of Tantz Aerine! 02-02-2009
- Engine - Tim Tyler provided the excellent Technicolor we just experienced in the movie! 02-02-2009
- Temple of a 1000 Tears - Trevor A. Mueller provided the second stunt double of the movie, working overtime! 02-02-2009
- Shock Absorber - Special thanks for help with the movie goes to edbang! 02-02-2009
- Cram Session - Meechi is given special credit in the endtext of the movie! 02-02-2009
- FIGHT - Mike Lai gets a honorary mention in the credits for the movie... well done! 02-02-2009
- Cricket's Creature - I don't know what Patrick Devine helped the movie with, but he gets the credits for it! 02-02-2009
- The Devon Legacy
- The Descended - Any team needs a scientist, and Ranger Brian New is the one provided for this one! 25-07-2013
- Amethyst - Matthew the Ninja has taken the day off ninjaing and waits in line at the subway! 31-03-2015

Alternate site for The Devon Legacy can be found at Drunk Duck.

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