Heroes of the World and Beyond
Heroes of the World and Beyond

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- Red Belt - In one dimension G.I.Ant sees himself fighting alongside with Red Belt! 01-10-2019
- Wonder Weenies - In one dimension a version of G.I.Ant can be seen... working Wonder Weenies?! 01-10-2019
- The Adv. of Ms Rocket - Looks like the dimension of Ms Rocket also have a version of G.I.Ant to help out! 01-10-2019
- Ray Thunder - G.I.Ant sees himself, or a version of himself, in the dimension of Ray Thunder! 01-10-2019

Heroes of the World and Beyond cameos/references can be found in:
- Nite Stick - The Dimension hop... falling Nite Stick gets to team up with a lot of heroes! Gueststrip11-11-2019
- Nite Stick - This comicshop has it all... Hotwab comics, posters and... cosplayers? 27-01-2020
- Heroes of C.R.A.S.H - A good thing someone didn't play an April's Fool prank on the HOTWAB-studios next door! 28-03-2020

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