Menage 3
Menage  3

- Sandra on the Rocks - Who could have known that Gary and Senna happened to walk into the gaming store Sandra frequented?! 03-09-2013

- Sore Thumbs - Didi introduces Cecania to the roomies, and a double dose of bosom is served! Gueststrip30-08-2008
- Penny and Aggie - Sooo... this is what Stan, Rich, and Jack has been up to lately? Gone to the movies? 11-11-2008
- Eerie Cuties - Figures that Blair should find his way into this great hot moment of Zii history! 26-11-2009
- School Bites - Sugar Shock is visiting for a cup of sugar... but Gary is not a happy camper like her! 24-12-2009
- Eerie Cuties - Nina is happily handing around at the tea-party, but obviously Gave is not in the mood for anything! 24-12-2009
- Cool Cat Studio - Looks like Liz was part of the threesome Matt once was a part of... sort of! 23-01-2010
- Penny and Aggie - Looks like Stan and Lisa were so unlucky to get caught in the Yuki-massacre... poor Stan! 17-11-2011
- Cool Cat Studio - Jeremy felt the wrath of Yuki's Tentacle-madness, and Belinda could only look shocked! 17-11-2011
- Magick Chicks - Hmm... are Melissa and Jacqui at the convention or is it just cosplayers? 18-02-2012
- Eerie Cuties - Kiley likes the Nina body pillow... and Gary so much that he buys it at the convention! 18-02-2012
- Eerie Cuties - Hey! It looks like we even got a Layla-cosplayer around at the convention! 01-03-2012

Menage 3 cameos/references can be found in:
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Poor Dave missed out on having Didi as a roommate because he was late! 23-07-2008
- Electronic Tigers - Yes, Bad Mika! Telling Gigi she cannot go topless on this beach ruins a lot of fun! 09-09-2008
- WASR School Boys - Okay, with Didi as your nurse I think that was bound to happen XD! 17-07-2009
- Zeus & Sons - All know that boob-poking invokes the sounds of "GOOSH"... especially if you read Ma3! 01-08-2009
- Pictures of You - Zii is one of the people who has shown up to be part of the dancing and merryment! 18-08-2009
- Legend of Bill - Oh, Zii's outfit is cute indeed... and it matches with the red eyes of the Dark Queens body! 11-01-2010
- Sister Claire - Both Didi and Zii shows up unsuspected to become a part of the VD photo! 14-02-2010
- Pictures of You - Zii and Gary have different expressions when awaiting the coming stripshow! 05-03-2010
- NewGirl - Among the audience critics we find Zii... not chiming in on this! 29-03-2011
- Wonderland Hates You - The Brothers seem to find much joy in watching Did and Zii out shopping for shirts! 14-03-2016
- Raven's Dojo - The whole MA3-crew has joined the fighting and doing the job... their own way and in two strips! MA content warning!10-10-2019

Gisele Lagace & David Lumsdon cameos/references:
- No Pink Ponies - Looks like they have none other than Gisele Lagace manage the comicbooth in the background! 22-07-2017

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